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Home Staging


The art of transforming property for those who want to sell or rent quickly and at the best price.
Once your property is put on the market it competes with all those for sale in the same area and at the same price.
Selling in general is based on image and emotion. In fact, people usually decide to buy a house, or anything else, based largely on the emotion it gives you in the first 90 seconds, so it is very important to set up a scene that underlines all the positive aspects of the property.

Clean a property to make it attractive is not enough, you have to create the right harmonies between colours and furnishings, following a few basic rules:

  • depersonalisation to make the space fresh, tidy, but above all neutral.
  • small interventions to repair any defects
  • Refresh with new paint, if necessary
  • deep clean and perfume the rooms
  • reorganise spaces and rooms, including new furniture if necessary
  • "staging" with small touches and accessories

All this to attract more interested customers.

...what the home stager does...
Our work begins with an inspection and the creation of a photographic service of the work that needs to be done. After a careful examination of the different rooms, we will give you a project book with the recommended interventions and the relative cost estimate. After agreeing on the work to be carried out before putting it up for sale, we will proceed with its realisation.
...how much does Home Staging cost...
This is always good to remember when you decide to sell your home because the sooner you manage to sell the lesser the costs you will face. Normally the cost of a home staging operation ranges from 1% to 4% of the value of the property, but it should be considered an investment that will help you sell earlier and at the best price.

Home Staging

The art of transforming property